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Supporting education classes for over 2,000 children in Syria

24 Mar 2016
ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid (FCA) is launching a project to support basic education and remedial classes for over 2,000 children in Syria. The situation of refugee youth on [...]

Women engineers brighten the village

24 Mar 2016
It is rather unusual to see women in Mauritania handle large technical equipment, but Bowba mint Brahim and Aichetou mint Khayling connect the large batteries and the solar panels with [...]

Well construction transforms mother’s life in Malawi

24 Mar 2016
In Mwepa, Malawi—one of the driest villages in the region—sources of clean, safe water were scarce. Vayiness Kawonga was accustomed to the laborious task of collecting enough for washing, cooking [...]

Drilling deep to bring water to Burundian refugees

24 Mar 2016
(LWI) – Already exhausted, Hatungaimana Justina gave birth in the Mtendeli refugee camp in west Tanzania days after arriving there. Clean water critical in camps In refugee camps, a supply [...]

6 years conflict in Syria – psychosocial support to refugees

17 Mar 2016
“I was very sad to leave my country, but we came here looking for safety,” 11-year-old Layla  says. “We thought going away was only for three months. We didn’t take [...]

Young women with a knack for electronics

08 Mar 2016
In a cellphone shop along the main road in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, Ghadeer Altawil is in the middle of her work day. Ghadeer graduated from ACT Alliance [...]

With hope against gang violence

08 Mar 2016
The life of 25-year-old María (not her real name) resembles building a house on quicksand: A futile attempt to create stability in a world that keeps uprooting individuals and destroying what [...]

Where lives and cultures meet

07 Mar 2016
“We are six people in our tent,” Sory Rasno (40) says. “At night the wind keeps us awake. There is no privacy, no space. The children start school this year, [...]

Humanitarian crisis in Burundi

04 Mar 2016
BUJUMBURA, Burundi/ GENEVA, 2 March 2016 (LWI) – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) together with the ACT Alliance is urgently asking for support to people in Burundi. Burundi has been [...]

Ongoing Syrian relief efforts

29 Feb 2016
When the Syrian civil war started almost 5 years ago, ACT Alliance member PWRDF began providing relief to those displaced by the conflict.  Over the last five years as the [...]
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