Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Lutheran World Relief works to end poverty, injustice and human suffering by empowering marginalized communities to help themselves. As a faith-based organization, LWR is committed to community-driven relief and development that honors the God-given worth of all people and strives for justice, dignity and peace.

LWR works around the world through the support of individual donors, church bodies and partner organizations.

Founded in 1945 by Lutherans' compassionate response to a Europe devastated by World War II, LWR works today in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East — developing lasting solutions to poverty, injustice and disaster.

As a leader in fostering innovative and sustainable solutions to poverty, LWR has a strong record of success in designing, monitoring and growing effective and efficient partnerships for change.

Member News

Name: Aldrin Lauding,  Barangay Lau 

House destroyed by Haiyan. 

Has partner and two children. 26 years old

Formerly a broom maker, only worked part of the year when broom grass was available. Made 250 pesos a day.

Now building toilets for sanitation beneficiaries. In sanitation and health program funded by Hilton Foundation and now ACT, we are building toilets for hundreds of families. Rather than buy imported bowls at market for 800 pesos, we make them locally for 300. Volunteer health committees train families on better hygiene and sanitation. Mr. Lauding and 6 others now employed to build these cement toilet bowls. They each can make 5 a day, and earn 750 pesos a day.
18 Jan 2016
Aldrin Lauding remembers the day he lost his home to Typhoon Haiyan like it was yesterday. The storm devastated his entire barangay (village) of Lao. Though he and his partner [...]