2018 ACT Alliance General Assembly
October 28 - November 1
Uppsala, Sweden
A strategy for ACT Alliance
Nick Clarke - Head of Strategy and Partnerships
23 May 2018
Today I’ve just finalized the second draft of the global strategy for sharing with the Governing Board ahead of their meeting next month.  This has been the completion of yet another step in ACT’s strategy revision process and reflects the input received from members, forums, advisory structures and partners gathered over the past months.  It’s…
Let's transform the world!
Rudelmar Bueno de Faria - ACT General Secretary
27 Apr 2018
We are very close to one of the most important benchmarks in the life of the ACT Alliance: its General Assembly! Ten months ago, when I joined ACT Alliance as its General Secretary, I thought that we would have a lot of time to prepare this global gathering. 
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Assembly Countdown is on - how to get involved?
Sarah Kambarami - ACT Assembly Planning Coordinator
19 Mar 2018
In just 222 days, the ACT Assembly in Uppsala will be starting and the months (for some of us years!) of planning will be unfolding into an inspiring week together as ACT members.  I can’t wait!
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