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At the frontline in disasters and disaster risk reduction

Sapana Lamichhone (right), a pyscho-social volunteer for the ACT Alliance in Makaising, a village in the Gorkha District of Nepal, explains to neighbors the variety of options they have for constructing houses to replace the homes they lost in a devastating 2015 earthquake. Dan Church Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance, has provided a variety of support to local villagers in the wake of the quake, including the training of carpenters and masons who can build the new dwellings once the government disburses funds for their construction.
19 May 2017

Churches pay witness to disasters whether human-induced or natural.   The shared mission of bringing the Good News of solidarity, service, compassion and love to those affected, regardless of their faith, is central to very existence of ACT Alliance and its members.  Devastation is not part of the calling of Churches. Ours is a calling to […]

Signs of progress towards the implementation of Paris Agreement

Pictures of the Human face of climate change stunt during the COP22
18 May 2017

PRESS RELEASE As two weeks of UN climate negotiations end in Bonn, international faith-based humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance sees signs of progress towards the implementation of the Paris agreement. However, progress is slow, and a number of difficult issues still remain to be resolved. Despite threats of US withdrawal from the Paris agreement, […]

The quest for climate finance

Participants contribute coins into a piggy bank during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, December 10, 2015. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe
17 May 2017

  When ACT members around the world reach out to poor and vulnerable communities, there is no doubt about the need for support. There is urgent need to strengthen their resilience, and to adapt to the effects of climate change. To make that happen there is a need for funding. In the UN, rich and […]

Youthful, truthful and fruitful!

16 May 2017

Instead of country delegates, civil society observers fill the Chamber Hall in the UNFCCC World Conference Centre in Bonn. Two young men are standing behind one of the few country-signs: “When we get home, we will give lectures to 5000 young people about the Climate Negotiations,” they say.  They are youth delegates from the Netherlands. […]

UN Climate talks: The urgency for a gender-responsive approach

Workshop break-out group discussion on means of implementation.
15 May 2017

    We are four days into the negotiations in Bonn and the spirit is high. Not only are the chestnuts in the city in full bloom, but constructive discussions on many of the topics under the Paris agreement are underway, including the crucial topic of how to enhance the implementation of gender related mandates and […]

Together we live out Diakonia

Outgoing ACT Alliance general secretary Dr John Nduna greets LWF President Bishop Munib Younan and LWF general secretary rev. Dr Martin Junge. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert
12 May 2017

This week, ACT’s General Secretary John Nduna is attending the Twelfth Lutheran World Federation Assembly in Windhoek, Namibia.  “The Lutheran World Federation, together with the World Council of Churches, were the founding members of ACT,” said Nduna in his address to the Assembly.  “Membership in the alliance is mainly drawn from LWF and WCC member […]

Diakonia in the time of inequality

Credit: Paul Jeffrey
11 May 2017

Deeply concerned by the current evidence of growing inequalities and their impacts on the lives of people everywhere, ACT members Bread for the World, Church of Sweden and Norwegian Church Aid gathered representatives of 25 churches and ecumenical organisations from 20 countries in Sigtuna, Sweden in January 2017. We met as people of faith to […]

Keep up the faith! Governments meet for two weeks of UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany

Civil Society march at COP22, last year. Credit: V.Muniz/ACT
08 May 2017

PRESS RELEASE   Reports about dramatic effects of climate change keep coming, while governments meet for another round of UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany. ACT alliance will follow the meeting closely, and with great concern. Poor and vulnerable people around the world are already suffering from floods, droughts, heatwaves and dramatic storms. The head […]

Rebuilding in Nepal

Durgalal support his neighbors to construct  a permanent shelter. Durgalal is a professional mason. Credit: LWF Nepal
05 May 2017

  In a beautiful dawn of April 25, 2017, Durgalal BK and his wife excitedly visited their newly constructed house in the Dalit settlement in Baramchi Village in Sindhupalchok, Nepal. The BK family had a plan to paint their new dream house on the day when Nepal was commemorating the second anniversary of Gorkha quake.  […]

Faith and Community Leaders Call for Immediate Action on Climate Change at Interfaith Vigil

ACT Now for Climate Justice during the People's Climate March in Washington, DC.  Photo: Megan Cagle/CWS
02 May 2017

Washington, D.C. – Despite catastrophic storms, rising temperatures, severe droughts and other devastating environmental events, the United States has ignored its duty to act on the destructive effects of climate change domestically and around the world. In reaction to recent cuts to domestic environmental protection efforts and the denial of the effects that climate change […]

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