Tropical Cyclone Enawo in Madagascar

14 Mar 2017

On 3 March 2017, Tropical storm Enawo formed in the southern Indian Ocean. The cyclone hit landfall in Madagascar on 7 March at around 10:30 am local time. Enawo is currently equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane and is a dangerous phenomenon representing a real threat to the inhabitants of the north-east coast of Madagascar. […]

Famine Crises in South Sudan

28 Feb 2017

Across South Sudan, more than 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes and  nearly 7.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection (OCHA, Humanitarian Response Plan 2017) as a result of multiple and deepening crises, including conflict, inter-communal violence, economic decline, disease, and climatic shocks, which have led to […]

Drought in Somalia

27 Feb 2017

Somalia is in the grip of an intense drought, induced by up to four consecutive seasons of poor rainfall. In the worst affected areas, poor rainfall and lack of water has wiped out crops and killed livestock, while communities are being forced to sell their assets, and borrow food and money to survive. Since mid-2015, […]

Drought in Kenya

21 Feb 2017

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared on 9th February 2017 the on-going drought in Kenya as being a national disaster. The drought has affected 23 out of 47 counties that are all in a state of emergency.  The drought situation in Kenya is predicted to last until July 2017. The late start of rains, between the […]

Floods in Malawi

15 Feb 2017

Malawi is experiencing La Nina weather phenomena since onset of the rainy season and many Districts have received normal to above normal rainfall triggering flash floods in some of the Districts. Between 4th and 10th February 2017 heavy rains caused the worst flooding in Salima District in four Traditional Authorities of Ndindi, Pemba, Kambwiri and […]

Drought in Ethiopia

13 Feb 2017

After the El Niño weather phenomenon that severely affected Ethiopia and left 10.2 million people in need of emergency assistance in 2015/16, Ethiopia is once again subject to severe weather conditions causing the failure of the Hageya/Deyr rains (fall rain) in the southern and eastern rainfall belt. The severe water shortages resulting from negative Indian […]

Floods and landslides in Ica, Peru

03 Feb 2017

Since January 14th 2017, there has been moderate to strong rainfall in the provinces of the Ica region in Peru.  The incessant heavy rainfall has subsequently provoked floods and landslides, causing damages to houses, educational facilities, agriculture, and infrastructure such as roads. So far, there are 13,904 affected persons, 57 collapsed houses, and 3580 damaged […]

Cold Snap in East Ukraine

17 Jan 2017

In January 2017 arctic cold, which brought a record breaking low temperature, paralyzed Russia, Ukraine and the whole Eastern Europe. The temperature in the region dropped to -30°C, resulting in transport collapse and damage to communal infrastructure, disruption of heat and electricity supply, frostbite of hundreds of people and a rapid growth of flu and […]

Winterization support to refugees in Serbia

17 Jan 2017

Exceptionally harsh winter conditions from the beginning of January 2017, with temperatures at time going down to -30 degrees Celsius, have already claimed lives across Europe – among them refugees from various countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. The cold wave started already beginning of January peaking end of last week and building up […]

Cold Snap in South-East Romania

13 Jan 2017

The arctic conditions from the beginning of January 2017 have already claimed lives across Europe. Conditions remain tough and constitute a small-scale, local emergency in south-eastern Romania. The severe winter weather hit Romania a week ago, when it started snowing heavily and temperatures dropped consecutively to -25 degrees Celsius. However, the crisis has reached a […]

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