Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Floods and mudslides in Mocoa, Colombia – COL171

16 Apr 2017

During the early hours of April 1st, 130 mm of rain fell in the city of Mocoa in southwest Colombia , causing the flooding of the Mocoa, Mulato, and Sangoyaco Rivers, and several mudslides throughout Mocoa. At least 332 people have died, 332 were injured, 106 remain missing. About 17,500 of the up to 70,000 living […]

Drought Response in Kenya – KEN171

11 Apr 2017

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta on 9th February 2017, declared an on-going drought in Kenya a national disaster already affecting 23 out of 47 counties reported to be at alarm stage. The current drought situation affects an estimated 2.7 million people with children, pregnant women, new mothers and the elderly bearing the brunt of the calamity […]

Floods and mudslides in Peru – No.RRF 04/2017 (Revision)

29 Mar 2017

The worst flooding since 1998 is scouring the arid landscape of coastal Peru. This Phenomenon has been affecting the country since January 2017. In February, there were damages due to the same reason in other geographical areas affecting 800 people, and an RRF of 59,072 USD was granted by ACT Secretariat to respond to the emergency […]

Famine Crisis Response in South Sudan – SSD171

23 Mar 2017

Monday 20th February 2017 marked the most historic declaration of famine in parts of South Sudan, affecting mostly Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are dispersed and the host communities already affected by the on-going conflict. Across South Sudan, more than 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes and nearly 7.5 million people […]

Tropical Cyclone ENAWO in Madagascar- No.RRF 06/2017

17 Mar 2017

On 3 March 2017, Tropical storm Enawo formed in the southern Indian Ocean. The cyclone hit landfall in Madagascar on 7 March at around 10:30 am local time. Enawo is currently equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. On 8 March, Enawo weakened from an “intense” to a “moderate” tropical storm. The remnants of Intense Tropical […]

Drought Emergency Response in Somalia – SOM171

14 Mar 2017

Somalia is in the grip of an intense drought, induced by up to four consecutive seasons of poor rainfall. In the worst affected areas, poor rainfall and lack of water has wiped out crops and killed livestock, while communities are being forced to sell their assets, and borrow food and money to survive. The latest […]

Drought Emergency in Ethiopia – ETH171

03 Mar 2017

While Ethiopia continues to pull through from the impact of the El Niño phenomenon-induced drought that left 10.2 million people in need of emergency assistance in 2015/16, the country is facing a new drought, due severe weather conditions – the cumulative effect of the negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and La Niña weather phenomena, causing […]

Drought Response in the Midlands, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and South Provinces in Zimbabwe- ZIM161, Revision 1

27 Feb 2017

The ZIM161 Appeal has been both revised and extended (for 6 additional months), for the following reasons: i) there are indications of additional funding for the appeal, ii) late receipt of pledged funding for the appeal. iii) an expected peak in the need for food in March-April as people await yields. The proportion of people […]

Floods Emergency in Malawi – No.RRF 05/2017

22 Feb 2017

Malawi is experiencing La Nina weather phenomena since onset of the rainy season and many districts have received above normal rainfall triggering flash floods in some of the Districts. Between the 4th and 10th February 2017, heavy rains caused the worst flooding in 4 Traditional Authorities (Ndindi, Pemba, Kambwiri and Maganga) in Salima district.  A […]

Emergency support to cold snap affected people from East Ukraine – RRF 03/2017

24 Jan 2017

The beginning of 2017 entailed arctic cold, which brought a record breaking low temperature and paralyzed some parts of Ukraine, Russia and the whole of  Eastern Europe. The temperature in the region dropped to -30°C, resulting in transport collapse and damage to communal infrastructure, disruption of heat and electricity supply, frostbite of hundreds of people […]

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