ACT Alliance Framework Position for Climate Change Advocacy

27th July 2015
This framework position provides the mandate for the ACT Alliance, its members, forums and working groups, to advocate with regard to climate change related policies.

Climate change has an impact on the realization of human rights as on many other aspects of development. ACT stresses that climate policies must be inspired by coherence with human rights principles and solidarity. Mitigation, adaptation as well as finance policies must not harm human rights but, to the contrary, should oblige States to contribute to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights of the people as the rights holders, and thus prioritize those most in need. ACT will call for pro-poor policies and full accountability of States. ACT also points to the fact that climate policies must contribute to sustainable development, in all its three dimensions – ecological, political and economic. ACT perceives the atmosphere as a global common which is to be remained rather than destroyed.

ACT Alliance focus areas:

  • the principle of equity and justice

  • community based action

  • adaptation

  • climate and adaptation finance

  • low carbon development

The Framework Position is available in English, French and Spanish.

ACT Framework Position for CC Advocacy English

ACT Framework Position for CC Advocacy_French

ACT Framework Position for CC Advocacy_Spanish

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