ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy

19th August 2016

In 2014, ACT Alliance launched a review of its emergency response mechanism in order to better respond to disasters with improved coordination and timeliness in line with international standards and best practices. Throughout the consultative process, a number of key lessons were learned about what had worked well that could be strengthened, as well as what had not worked well that needed to change. This ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy replaces the ACT Alliance Response to an Emergency Policy (2012), incorporating the recommendations from the review process. Accompanying guidelines and tools are provided for members in support of this policy which will be continually updated and improved based on learnings from their practical application.

The humanitarian footprint of the ACT alliance in emergencies is substantial. Most ACT members respond through the ACT funding coordination mechanism of the ACT Appeal. In some cases members also respond using bilateral funding outside of the appeal. In addition, some members respond to the emergency through their humanitarian advocacy or emergency communications work. The “Total ACT Alliance Response” includes the work of all ACT members responding to the emergency in their different capacities (implementation, funding, advocacy and communications), requiring commitment, coordination and collaboration from all.

ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy EN

Política humanitaria de la Alianza ACT

Politique humanitaire de l’Alliance ACT