ACT Rapid Response Fund policy

18th July 2016

The purpose of the Rapid Response Funds (RRF) is to provide one-time financial resources to members of the ACT Alliance, in the first days following a local or national emergency, and where local or national members have the capacity to respond. The aim is to enable first responders to conduct immediate emergency response programming focused on saving lives, over a three to six month timeframe. The response must adhere to humanitarian principles, the ACT Alliance Code of Conduct, and the Core Humanitarian Standard. The emergency could be of a rapid onset nature (e.g. earthquake or flood) or of a complex humanitarian character (e.g., refugee or internal displacement situation, resulting from breakdown of social, political and economic systems).

ACT RRF Policy 2016 E

ACT Politique relative au FIR 2016 FR

ACT Política de FFR 2016 SP