Anglican Overseas Aid – Australia

Anglican Overseas Aid-Australia is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Our vision is for a just, peaceful and sustainable world free of poverty.

Anglican Overseas Aid currently supports work through partners in Africa, Asia the Middle East and the Pacific.

Our major areas of work are: maternal and child health; women’s health and gender based violence; and sustainable livelihoods. We balance projects in these areas with our emergency response to crises that arise in the developing world.

Anglican Overseas Aid works with partners who share our commitment to truth, integrity and justice.

Noticias de los miembros

17 Aug 2015
The challenge More than 80 per cent of the population of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu live in rural areas scattered across multiple islands. This makes communications, transport and service [...]
The challenge Karen refugees living in Mae La are caught in a legal limbo, unable to return to Burma any time soon, their restricted status denies them opportunities to live [...]
Anglican Overseas Aid has been working in two regions of Lesotho for the past ten years. Following a program review in May this year, we have revised our program to [...]