ACT Advisory Groups


Chair: Thorsten Göbel and Joycia Thorat

Contact: isaiah.toroitich[at]

Climate group

Chairs: Martin Vogel and Dinesh Vyas

Contact: isaiah.toroitich[at]

Communication, Media and Brand

Chair: Palwashay Arbab

Contact: simon.chambers[at]

Complaints Handling

Chair: Marvin Parvez

Contact: alexandra.segura[at]

Development Policy and Practice

Chair: Junior Sibanda

Contact: alison.kelly[at]


Chair: Karen Janjua

Contact: nick.clarke[at]

Humanitarian Policy and Practice

Chairs: Takeshi Komino and Michael Mosselmans

Contact: alwynn.javier[at]

Quality and Accountability

Chairs: Coleen Heemskerk  and Dieneke de Groot

Contact: alexandra.segura[at]