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Burkina Faso

ACT News

Tin'Akoff, Burkina Faso, five miles from the Mali border. Akmoudou, 32 (l), and Fatumatou, 28 (r), have had to resort to eating wild food such as water lily roots which they would normally feed to their livestock. Akmoudou lost his job in the Ivory Coast due to the turmoil in the country last year and had to sell his livestock to pay for a ticket home. Now the couple have nothing but their house. 
Photo: ACT Alliance/Christian Aid
02 Mar 2012

Fatumata, 28, knocks the leaves of a thorny tree with a long metal pole and picks them up off the dry and dusty ground one by one. “We normally only feed these leaves to our animals,” she explains, “but the situation is so difficult now that we are eating them ourselves.” When asked if there […]