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ACT News

Cecile Endamag with her nephew and neighbour at her market stand. Photo: LWF/ C. Kästner
20 Aug 2015

Her assortment includes salt, onions, Maggi flavour cubes, little yellow peppers and cooking oil. Pointy plastic bags with the yellow liquid are shining in the afternoon sun. Once in a while, a customer comes to buy one of the little spice bags at Cecile Endamag’s (pictured above with her nephew photo: LWF/C. Kästner)  market stand […]

A Sudanese refugee boy carrying water in Treguine refugee camp on the World Water Day March 22, 2012.
08 Aug 2013

Violence in the Central African Republic since March 2013 has left millions of people in need of emergency assistance and remains a major hindrance to relief efforts. We have long advocated for security and humanitarian access, and are supporting refugees who are spilling into the neighbouring countries of Chad and the Democratic Republic of the […]