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10 May 2017
A new report by ACT member Christian Aid released today called ‘The Scandal of Inequality: the multiples faces of inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean’  highlights that inequality in [...]
02 Feb 2017
ACT Alliance member LWF supports survivors in Colombia – International day of people with disabilities (3.12.2016) – He should have listened to the bird, Cristo Perez says of the little [...]
19 Jan 2017
“LWF has taught us to farm more nutritious crops” Along the Chicué River, in northwestern Colombia’s Chocó district, ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) provides humanitarian support to indigenous [...]
17 Jan 2017
(27.09.2016) As the Colombian government and the leader of the main guerilla group prepare to sign the peace agreement to end the Colombian civil war today in Cartagena, the ACT [...]
16 Aug 2016
(LWI) – “If gold mining was no longer possible, I would have to leave,” says Orlinda Romaña, 38, a single mother with seven children who has worked in artisanal mining since she [...]

ACT News

The March for Life in the community of Bebedó, Chocó. Photo: Anna Vogt.

Bogota, July 4th, 2016 Our churches and faith-based organisations are committed to providing accompaniment for the civilian population in the demobilization zones in the context of the Colombian peace-process, through the implementation of protection measures, peace education and reconciliation, and verification of the ceasefire and demobilization process. On June 23, 2016, the Colombian Government and […]

Several meetings, as that one in Nicaragua, were organised in preparation to the project.
27 Aug 2015

Young people from different Christian churches from remote areas and from major urban centers in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia will be connected via internet tomorrow, August 28, to participate in the first on-line session of the International Diploma in Culture of peace, equity and sustainability. The Diploma, part of the project “Emprendemos Paz” carried […]

ACT Alliance event in San Salvador with Dr. Rigoberta Menchu
ACT/Sean Hawkey
25 Jul 2014

Members of the regional ACT South America Forum and Central America and Caribbean Forum undertook a joint advocacy initiative in July 2014 to grow civil society space and south-to-south cooperation, with a dialogue event in El Salvador. In attendance were Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, El Salvador’s Vice Chancellor and Vice Minister of the […]

After eight months of flooding in northern Colombia, the water returned slowly on February like in the Ayapel area. New floods are expected in March in huge quantity because of the bursting of a dike. More than two millions of persons have been affected.
03 Mar 2014

At the end of 2013, floods affected the Chocó region in the west of Colombia. The floods washed away standing crops, damaged and destroyed housing and other buildings, and destroyed food stores. Heavy rains from tropical storms caused damage in five municipalities within the region. According to the Disaster Risk Management Committee of Chocó, more […]