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ACT News

21 May 2016

Reducing Disaster Risk for a Safer World Let’s no forget: locally-led response & Preventing and Mitigating Risks are REQUIRED for a Safer World   At the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai last year, ACT Alliance committed: To raise DRR awareness at the grassroots level by influencing local leadership and educating community members ACT […]

A woman rides a motorbike through Kuala Bubon, in Indonesia's Aceh province. The community of 118 houses was built by the ACT Alliance after the village's tsunami survivors refused to accept government plans to relocate them inland far from the sea. After the houses were built, the community then successfully fought a government plan to demolish part of the new village to make way for a new highway.
25 Dec 2014

Disasters of every scale hit hardest in communities that are the least prepared and the poorest. In Kuala Bubon, like other coastal villages across Indonesia’s Aceh and Nias islands, most people rely on the sea and farming for their livelihoods. When the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit on 26 December 2004, these communities had […]

ACT member YEU works on mapping vulnerability with community members and giving disaster preparedness training in case of a future emergency.
08 Sep 2013

Climate change, coupled with urbanisation, rapid population growth and environmental degradation, is creating greater risks of disasters. How these are dealt with is largely defined by the frameworks for governmental and local disaster risk reduction (DRR) management and mechanisms. ACT members in Indonesia have been involved in the consultations on the second Hyogo Framework for […]