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31 Aug 2016
Since responding to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, Community World Service Asia has assumed a leadership role among aid organizations in Asia and has initiated and supported the [...]
13 Nov 2015
“My entire family was at home as the earthquake struck. I yelled at all of them to come out to the open yard in front of the house. They all [...]

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Rabia Waqar
28 Mar 2017

March 10th was a day that brought with it much excitement and some nervousness, as I headed off to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) for the second time in my life. My enthusiasm was natural, as this is the largest annual gathering of women’s rights activists worldwide – in 2017, 162 […]

21 May 2016

Let’s no forget: locally-led response & Preventing and Mitigating Risks are REQUIRED for a Safer World   At the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai last year, ACT Alliance committed: To raise DRR awareness at the grassroots level by influencing local leadership and educating community members ACT Alliance has a strong track record on […]

A health care worker notes symptoms of a child suffering illness following floods in Pakistan. CWS-PA runs a mobile health clinic that sends doctors and health care workers to emergency-hit regions.
Photo: ACT/CWS-PA/Khalid Rasheed
16 Sep 2014

Floods in Pakistan that have affected over 1.12 million people, have also taken out large health care centres and hospitals, leaving survivors with little or no medical care. The country’s national disaster management authority says that nearly 260 people have been killed by the torrential rainfall and at least twice that number of people left […]