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Anna, 3, and her family have been sheltering in this hospital basement for the past five months following an upsurge of fighting in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. A two-year conflict in Ukraine has displaced 1.5 million people, nearly 180,000 of which are children. IOCC is responding with emergency food assistance for infants and toddlers severely impacted by the conflict. Credit: UNICEF
12 Oct 2015

ACT member International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is responding to the urgent needs of the Ukraine conflict’s most vulnerable victims with emergency food assistance for 900 children under age three living in areas directly affected by the violence in Eastern Ukraine. Nearly two years of armed conflict has driven 1.5 million Ukrainian people from their […]

Distribution of humanitarian aid on 1st February by Hungarian Interchurch Aid. From the support of ACT Alliance 260 IDP families received food, hygienic packages in Zaporizhia
Gabor Balint/ACT/Hungarian Interchurch Aid
13 Feb 2015

As a result of the Crimean crisis and the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine the humanitarian situation arising from this conflict has lately deteriorated dramatically. There are alarming reports from conflict-affected areas that thousands of people are highly vulnerable and in need of assistance. Along with financial problems, many lack the ability to buy essential […]