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ACT News

31 Aug 2015

As hundreds of government officials from across the world return to Bonn in one of their last bids to hammer out components of a climate agreement in time for the Paris, ACT Alliance is cautiously optimistic that a meaningful agreement is still within reach. “With barely three months before the Paris summit, we in ACT […]

Climate Change
28 Aug 2015

The We Have Faith – Act Now for Climate Justice Pan Africa Cycling Caravan launches this Saturday 29th August. Cyclists are setting off on a 6500km journey from Maputo to raise the voices of people at the forefront of a changing climate. The caravan will go through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania […]

Zimbabwe ACT News 2014
03 Mar 2015

Three quarters of the world’s mobile phones are in developing countries, and in some African countries mobile phones are being used to pay for taxis and street food. Capitalising on this technology, two ACT Alliance members worked together in Zimbabwe to use mobile phones to helpvulnerable families affected by drought. By sending a text message […]