The red bench is a symbol of solidarity with survivors and victims of violence but also an opportunity to learn from each other.

The red bench campaign was created in Italy in 2016 but then promoted in many countries, especially in Latin America. It is a symbol of resistance and sorority. By sitting on the red bench, we show solidarity with survivors and victims of violence. An empty bench is a reminder of the people we have lost along the way. This is our contribution to the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign.

A movement is needed to end GBV, and religious leaders must be at the forefront of action.

This is also an opportunity to have a conversation about gender-based violence in an open and non-judgmental way.

Below you will find some resources and reflections where gender-rights defenders, theologians and leaders ask some thought-provoking questions about the root causes of violence.

You can join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtags:

#TheRoad2Equality, #16days, #Orangetheworld

How you can join

You can join this campaign in many ways:

  • You can paint a bench, a chair or a stool in red to show solidarity with those affected by violence. This will be a permanent symbol of support. The chair can be placed anywhere: in your home, in a park, in a church, in a square.
  • Take a picture sitting on a red bench or with a red symbol. Show your support to the victims and survivors of violence. Tag yourself using the hashtags #TheRoad2Equality #16 days.
  • You can film a video reflection with your phone and join the conversation providing your ideas on how we can move towards a world without violence. You can use the resources provided on, theological reflections and social media cards to take an active part in the campaign.


Theological Reflections

EN | SP | FR

Red Bench Flyer

EN | SP | FR| AR

Illustrated Guide to GBV 2021

EN | SP | FR

Social Media Guide 16 days 2020


Social media Resources

Trello Board

Break the Silence Liturgy


16 Days Devotional


Let’s have a conversation!

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