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16 Sep 2019

Michael Yudha Church World Service’s Leslie Wilson looks very energetic. Together with dozens of other elderly people, she dances and smiles to the rhythm set by the gymnastic instructor, Stevany, a Pelkesi nurse. These dancing seniors welcomed the ACT Alliance Joint Monitoring Visit (JMV) team who arrived in Simoro, Sigi Regency, on Tuesday, September 3, […]

27 Feb 2019

On September 28, 2018, ten year-old Kirana (name changed) and her friends were at the mosque, preparing for evening worship when everything began to shake.  The walls began to collapse all around them, and they ran as fast as they could.  Kirana wanted nothing more than to get home where her family was.  She was […]

21 Nov 2018

Mrs. Yustriani, a 68 year-old resident of Ngatabaru village in the Sigi district of Indonesia, was very glad to get back to dancing when her Poco Poco group met again for the first time in over a month.  They hadn’t gathered to dance together since the 7.5 magnitude earthquake devastated their community and so many […]

Mr. Mushki is a fisherman from Pantolowan village near Palu, Indonesia. He was out fishing when the earthquake struck, and the resulting tidal wave tossed him and his boat ashore, knocking him out and destroying the boat. ACT member Pelkesi's mobile clinic helps with treatment for his injuries. He hopes to get back to fishing again, as it is what he has done his whole life. Photo: Simon Chambers/ACT
17 Nov 2018

“There was a rumbling sound, and then an explosion.  I looked up and a tsunami wave was towering over my small fishing boat,” said Mr. Mushki, a 57 year-old fisherman from Pantoloan village near Palu, Indonesia.  “The wave picked up my boat and tossed it in the air, then it landed back on the water, […]

05 Oct 2018

A week after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami in Indonesia, the picture of devastation slowly continues to reveal itself.  Communications infrastructure was badly damaged, and entire communities were cut off.  To date, over 1500 people are known to have died in the disaster, and over 70,000 have been displaced. Members of the ACT […]

Blog author James Munpa
25 May 2017

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges to human well-being and safety posed by climate change related disasters, ACT Alliance is working actively to minimize the impacts of disasters through prevention, mitigation, and preparedness programs in over 100 countries. We are rooted in communities, where we assist people in identifying their risk, resources, and capacity to cope with the […]

21 May 2016

Let’s no forget: locally-led response & Preventing and Mitigating Risks are REQUIRED for a Safer World   At the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai last year, ACT Alliance committed: To raise DRR awareness at the grassroots level by influencing local leadership and educating community members ACT Alliance has a strong track record on […]

25 Dec 2014

Disasters of every scale hit hardest in communities that are the least prepared and the poorest. In Kuala Bubon, like other coastal villages across Indonesia’s Aceh and Nias islands, most people rely on the sea and farming for their livelihoods. When the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit on 26 December 2004, these communities had […]

08 Sep 2013

Climate change, coupled with urbanisation, rapid population growth and environmental degradation, is creating greater risks of disasters. How these are dealt with is largely defined by the frameworks for governmental and local disaster risk reduction (DRR) management and mechanisms. ACT members in Indonesia have been involved in the consultations on the second Hyogo Framework for […]

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