Member News

12 Oct 2016
From 2007, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (EHO), ACT member from Serbia, is successfully implementing sanitation and house up grading (Housing) projects in substandard Roma settlements in Serbia. Roma is the most [...]

ACT News

International CSO week logo (Photo from CIVICUS web)
08 May 2019

International Civil Society Week (ICSW) took place in Belgrade from 8-12 April 2019. Sponsored by the World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS), the event brought together Civil Society, activists, campaigners and other stakeholders from around the world. The session explored the significance of reversing the shrinking space for Civil Society engagement in various platforms, the […]

13 Jul 2015

One thousand miles separate Syria and Serbia, but the desperation to flee their war-torn country is driving thousands of refugees from Syria, as well as some from Afghanistan and other countries to make the long and dangerous journey. Their trek is a combination of boats, buses, trains, and walking. Many land in Greece first. From […]

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