Workshop on ‘Core Humanitarian Standards’: Keeping People at the Heart of Humanitarian Action

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13th December 2019: ACT Alliance – Nepal Forum successfully completed a 3-day workshop on, ‘Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability’ in Lalitpur, Nepal. The workshop was attended by 28 development practitioners from 16 organizations. The session was facilitated by Rizwan Iqbal, Global Q&A officer of ACT Alliance, and co-facilitated by Amit Chakarwarty, M&E Officer of Christian Aid in Nepal.

Participants were oriented on the 9 commitments of Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS), including, existing commitments, action and responsibilities. Participants shared their thoughts and actions on complaint handling mechanism, data security and safeguarding, and CHS compliance and verification. Participants during the workshop expressed that the CHS principles should be embedded in program design, and critical review and reflection of the process should be conducted on a regular manner. Similarly, the group-work on CHS key actions and organization responsibility also highlighted contextual and practical challenges, and discussed solutions based on the strategic use of the CHS principles.

According to Mani Kumar, Country Director of Christian Aid in Nepal, and Convenor of ACT Alliance – Nepal Forum, CHS commitments and its implementation will help improve Accountability and Compliances on the ground, keeping community at the heart, and ensuring effective and efficient programme and projects. He further shared, “this peer learning initiative by INGOs and NGOs as ACT alliance members will help in building on local platforms for accountability, learning, and sharing. This in turn will ensure timely and accountable humanitarian and development projects.”

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