New report backing calls for Universal social protection

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One of the most highly charged debates in social protection is how best to undertake targeting: while some social protection practitioners are passionate advocates of income testing (or poverty targeting), others highlight the many advantages of universal selection. The report Hit and Miss: An assessment of targeting effectiveness in social protection released in 2019 by Act Church of Sweden and Development Pathways examined the targeting errors of a wide range of social protection schemes. It demonstrated that the highest targeting errors were found in poverty-targeted programmes and that, if the policy aim was to reach the poorest members of society, the most effective means of doing so would be through universal selection. In fact, using poverty targeting excludes the majority of the target population.
We are now releasing a short summary version of the Hit and Miss paper, to make the findings more accessible. The paper also includes analysis of 4 more schemes meaning that we have now examined 42 schemes across 25 low- and middle-income countries. In addition, we have updated the original paper with the new results.

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