World Communion of Reformed Churches

The WCRC is comprised of 100 million Christians from more than 230 churches in Congregational, Presbyterian, Reformed, United, Uniting, and Waldensian and pre-Reformation traditions in over 105 countries.

As a global koinonia marked by discerning, confessing, witnessing, and being reformed together, the WCRC strengthens and deepens unity among its members and coordinates initiatives to increase its impact globally.

The WCRC discerns the signs of the times and God’s call to action, guided by its commitment to justice and to maintaining the unity of the Spirit.

The WCRC is a confessing body, driven by the unfinished agenda of the Reformation and inspired by the Confessing Church in Germany, the Belhar Confession, and the Accra Confession.

The WCRC witnesses to the good new of Christ that transforms death-dealing systems and liberates for the fullness of life.

In being reformed, the WCRC engages in God’s work of reforming and transforming according to the Word and Holy Spirit.

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