Ecumenical Church Leaders’ Forum (ECLF)

The ECLF is a forum of like-minded Christian leaders, both clergy and lay, who saw the need to meaningfully contribute towards conflict management and resolution. These leaders were drawn from across denominations and mother bodies, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference & the Union of the Development of Apostolic Church in Zimbabwe & Africa.

The increased tensions in the political circles and the dwindling economic and social imbalances created another violence in the lives of the citizens. Having had a sad history of serious violence since independence, Zimbabwe almost had a repeat of the same in 2008. The role of the Church was not visible yet most Zimbabweans looked up to the Church to proffer solutions and cried for the divine intervention in their situations. ECLF emerged & focused on a peace building programme duped 'Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolution & Transformation (CPMRT).

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