Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (ARTF)

Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (ART) works in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh:

* To help Armenian society face, and overcome socio-economic hardships and to restore hope, promoting Christian values.
* To help and empower vulnerable communities and community-based organizations solve their social, economic and ecological problems through programs in the areas of development and social diakonia, in order,
* To ensure the success of collaborative programs with local partners and long-term program sustainability, ART contributes significantly to Church NGO capacity-building and advocacy.
Given the urgent need for regional peace, ART works with its stakeholders * To promote peace-building and reconciliation at both the national and international levels.

Member News

25 May 2018
Credit: Armenia Round Table Foundation Angela Kirkian was born in Aleppo. She came to Armenia four years ago with her mother. Her sister, brother, and aunt stayed in Syria. “They [...]
17 Jan 2017
Photo Credits: Armenia Round Table Foundation The year is 1988 and Ila Tomasyan is a young girl forced to leave Baku. Shortly after, her mother finds refugee for her daughters [...]
08 Nov 2016
Like many Syrians, 74 year old Toros Ayrajyan and his wife, 62 year old Taguhi sold whatever was left in the ruins of their house in Aleppo and came to [...]
02 Nov 2016
Nazaret from Syria found refuge in Armenia with his family. Photo credits: Gharib Harutyunyan/ WCC Armenia Round Table foundation.   Nazaret came to Armenia in 2013, after he lost everything, [...]
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