Philanthropy – The Charitable Fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Philanthropy Charitable Fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church is the charitable fund of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Values and principles of the organization are determined in Philanthropy's objectives:

Assisting the poor, ill, disadvantaged and all vulnerable groups
Assisting victims of massive disasters
Assisting in creating conditions for economic stability within the vulnerable and impoverished groups in society
Improving social, psychosocial, and health protection of vulnerable groups
Contributing to education of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups
Raising awareness about the causes of poverty, and the means and methods to overcome these challenges
Raising awareness, especially among members of the Serbian Orthodox Church worldwide, about the significance of charity, dedication, and performing good deeds,
Improving Philanthropy's organisational capacities in order to implement programs and activities at the highest possible standard.
Philanthropy is implementing a number of comple

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