Long term work in Lesotho

Anglican Overseas Aid has been working in two regions of Lesotho for the past ten years. Following a program review in May this year, we have revised our program to focus on two key goals:

  • reducing malnutrition in children under five, and
  • helping vulnerable young people to have the knowledge and support they need to make positive life choices.

These goals reflect the changing needs of the communities and draw on the strength of our partner, the Diocese of Lesotho, in working with vulnerable people.

To help parents provide nutritious meals for their families we will undertake a number of activities including:

  • supporting community based care groups in teaching parents how to prepare nourishing food;
  • commencing a nutrition program for mothers attending the under-five clinic at St James Hospital;
  • and teaching community groups to grow new food varieties suited to the climate.

The program also runs life skills training for men’s groups on the rights of women and children and child protection laws.

Program three year objectives 2012 – 2015

St James Hospital Based Project, Mantsonyane

  • Children under five receive one or more nutritious meals each day
  • Adoption of new food varieties and technologies leading to 50% increased food in targeted communities
  • Communities mobilised and working towards sustainable livelihoods
  • 80% of communities given access to HIV testing through health clinics operated by the hospital

HIV Co-ordination Unit Project, Maseru

  • Sixty peer educators with knowledge and capacity to be positive role models to youth
  • Six hundred young people aware of how to make constructive life changes
  • Diocese of Lesotho HIV co-ordination unit staff have the relevant knowledge and skills in life skills training, mentoring and debriefing

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