A house with columns of rebar

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ACT member CWS and partners are helping to repair and rebuild houses that have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in the commune of Jean Rabel in Haiti’s Northwest Department. Local partner ICEDNO, located in the town of La Reserve, is leading the repair and reconstruction of 10 houses.

Before Hurricane Matthew, Sainjulia Josaphat and her family lived in a house made of mud and sticks that they built in 2008. It collapsed completely in the storm. Sainjulia stayed at her sister’s house for a while and then built another mud and stick house where she lives with her husband, three daughters and son. All four children attend school through ICEDNO. That house is barely more than 100 square feet.

ICEDNO is partnering with the family to build a more durable new home. It is on the same property, but it is being constructed in a different, flatter space. The initial location was too exposed to strong winds and hurricanes.

Sainjulia and her family contributed water, rocks, sand, wood and food. There is no road to their house, so Sainjulia paid some laborers to help carry sand to her house. She also used an animal to help move sand.

The new house looks to be much stronger than the previous house, which had collapsed in the past. Sainjulia says, “It was a house with wooden poles, but now I have a house with columns of rebar. The engineer gave advice about rubble to fill the foundation.”

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