Community World Service Asia celebrates 10 years of Quality and Accountability

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Since responding to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, Community World Service Asia has assumed a leadership role among aid organizations in Asia and has initiated and supported the recognition, understanding and adopting of quality and accountability (Q&A) principles in development and humanitarian assistance across Asia. We have been committed to mainstreaming Q&A standards, tools and practices throughout our programming. Our goal has been to promote and develop our internal technical capacity, as well as to support our colleagues and partners in the region to incorporate Q&A into their interventions.

Community World Service Asia’s strategy continues to ensure shifts in mindsets and practices leading to a growing capacity to self-monitor the levels of Q&A compliance. As a result, our interventions are increasingly becoming people–centered, ensuring participatory approaches, community ownership of interventions, and the inclusion of communities in decision-making processes. In the ten years of our Q&A work we have ensured that individuals are treated with dignity and their voices are heard. We work towards the same goal with equal zeal in the decades to come!

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