Inter-faith cooperation on social community development

After 20 years of work in Vietnam, NCA is today a unique actor, and the only international organisation in Vietnam with a broad programme of inter-faith cooperation on social community development.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia. The economic growth has improved the lives of many, but Vietnam is still a country with considerable social challenges and with increasing inequalities. In addition, Vietnam is ranked as one of the five most vulnerable countries in the world, due to climate change impacts on tropical storms, sea level rise and floods.


NCA Vietnam has developed a working method we often refer to as a triangulation cooperation model. A key feature of this model is our close joint partnerships with government organisations on one hand and with faith-based actors and other civil-society organisations on the other hand.
Building and facilitating cooperation between different actors in society is vital for NCA, in order to secure sustainable impact in project implementation – and in order to ensure that our civil society partners can have sufficient political space to engage in social issues.
NCA Vietnam initiated partnerships with faith-based organisations (Catholic and Buddhist) in 2000. Initially, this was only done through involving religious actors in projects on health and HIV/AIDS. Today, NCA cooperates with all the five main faith groups of Vietnam, in cooperation with the Central Vietnam Fatherlands Front. We train religious leaders on health and climate change issues, and we mobilise faith-based community groups in social work and disaster response.

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