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ACT Cambodia Forum: Conclusion after one year’s joint commitment of an agricultural advisor

15 Jan 2020
Twelve members of the ACT Alliance are joint in the Cambodia Forum. In August 2018, they hired an agricultural advisor to be shared by all the members for a period [...]

WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation Holds Annual Meeting

08 Jan 2020
During the year-end annual meeting, the WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation summed up its activities in 2019. The meeting was held on December 10, in the central hall of the [...]

Paths out of Poverty in Myanmar: Haircuts, Textiles, Rice and More

08 Jan 2020
This article originally appeared on the Church World Service blog.  The barbershop we visited in Myanmar. Photo: CWS By Marvin Pannell, CWS Myanmar Country Representative You may have heard about [...]

CWS to Grow Disaster Recovery Support Initiative

08 Jan 2020
A pilot program to help communities launch long-term recovery following disasters is growing ecumenically. Over the past two years, the disaster ministries of the United Church of Christ, Christian Church [...]

Workshop on ‘Core Humanitarian Standards’: Keeping People at the Heart of Humanitarian Action

17 Dec 2019
13th December 2019: ACT Alliance – Nepal Forum successfully completed a 3-day workshop on, ‘Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability’ in Lalitpur, Nepal. The workshop was attended by 28 [...]

Ecumenical Camp in Armenia

04 Nov 2019
Annual ecumenical camp brought together 63 young people from different communities of Armenia. 11-16 year old youngsters spent six full days in a picturesque camp area of Gugark Diocese of [...]

Workshop on Managing Complaints Response Mechanism

15 Oct 2019
The objective of this course from Community World Service Asia is to gather professional humanitarian workers from (I)NGOs, UN, donors and government agencies who aim to become experts in complaints [...]

Let your worries turn into political action

09 Oct 2019
Photo: Samuel Munck Margareta Koltai, Thematic Advisor for Fair and Sustainable Livelihood, Act Church of Sweden I’m one of the privileged who were tasked to read the Church of Sweden’s revised “Bishops’ [...]

Lessons from Mabi six months after the flood – A report from CWS Japan

09 Oct 2019
In June and July 2018, heavy rainfalls hit the western part of Japan. One of the most affected areas was a small town called Mabi in the Okayama prefecture. The [...]

Training of Trainers on ‘Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations’ in Bangkok

08 Oct 2019
Community World Service Asia is organizing a regional learning event on “Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations” from November 23 to 29, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. This event is a [...]
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