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United Church of Christ COVID-19 Daily Briefing separates pandemic fact from fiction

11 May 2020
In its COVID-19 Daily Briefing, the United Church of Christ works to separate facts from falsehoods and fear, supplying valuable information for the duration of the pandemic crisis. This resource [...]

A Pakistani cook fights hunger and poverty in the COVID-19 crisis

05 May 2020
    Fifty-two-year old Ayub Masih was working as a cook until this March when the coronavirus epidemic broke out in Pakistan. The meager subsistence he was bringing to the [...]

WEBINAR: Remote Complaints Response (CRM) and Community Feedback Mechanism

04 May 2020
When: May 13, 2020  What time: 2:00 PM (PST) Where: ZOOM – Link to be shared Language: English  How long: 120 minutes  Who is it for: Humanitarian and development practitioners working in or with hard-to-reach [...]

“I hope that cooperation is contagious”

30 Apr 2020
Marvin Parvez is the Regional Director of Community World Service Asia. As the current situation is unprecedented, he calls for ACT Alliance to be a role model to other networks, [...]

Chronic poverty will increase

30 Apr 2020
Marvin Parvez, from ACT member Community World Service Asia, speaking about the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 and its consequences for Afghanistan and Pakistan. “According to my experience since the [...]

Webinar: The Role of Human Resources (HR) in Remote Management during Covid-19 Response

23 Apr 2020
This interactive webinar organized by Community World Service Asia will help explore: Challenges encountered in remote management; and The role of HR in facilitating an effective remote management process The [...]

Fighting to end violence against women in Indian communities

19 Mar 2020
  The Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT), a member organization of the ACT Alliance, has launched several initiatives to address gender-based violence. That’s why it supported people from 15 [...]

Discussion paper:”Where, for what and when should blended finance be used and promoted?”

16 Mar 2020
Act CoS has recently published a discussion paper on blended finance. The purpose is to contribute to the debate on blended finance through some suggestions about when and where to [...]

Our human responsibility at Greek-Turkish border

11 Mar 2020
Our human responsibility in the current situation:  A common statement from the Catholic and Lutheran church leaders in Scandianvia regarding the refugee situation at the Greek-Turkish border   We are [...]

Flood in Indonesia: It will get worse

28 Jan 2020
A flood has disastrous consequences. When it hits a megacity like Jakarta and its surrounding towns in Indonesia, the number of people affected is huge. The flood during this New [...]
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