PWRDF gives $300,000 for relief in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria

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PWRDF is contributing $300,000Cdn through the ACT Alliance for continuing relief efforts in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.  Ongoing violence in Syria has displaced about 8 million people within its borders, and more than 4 million other Syrians have fled their country, with most of the refugees currently living in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

PWRDF began relief efforts shortly after the civil war began in 2011, but last year’s focus on Syrian refugees entering Europe, the unfortunate death of Alan Kurdi, and the re-emergence of the Syrian situation on the Canadian political agenda led to an enormous outpouring of generosity from Canadian Anglicans, who have donated $488,605 since September 12, 2015 (the date the Canadian government announced that they would match, dollar for dollar, donations from individual Canadians for relief efforts in and around Syria into their Syria Emergency Relief Fund until February 29, 2016).

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