Ongoing Syrian relief efforts

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When the Syrian civil war started almost 5 years ago, ACT Alliance member PWRDF began providing relief to those displaced by the conflict.  Over the last five years as the conflict and the humanitarian crisis have grown, PWRDF’s response has grown as well.

Over the last few months of 2015 and until the end of February 2016, Syrian relief work has been receiving much needed additional support in Canada thanks to a matching program by the Canadian government.  Thanks to the generous donations of Anglicans and others across Canada, PWRDF has raised over $525,000 that is eligible for the matching funds.

PWRDF’s work in Syria and the surrounding countries will not end with the end of the matching fund program.  Long after it finishes, PWRDF and its partners will still be helping to provide food, shelter, water, education, medicine, and more to hundreds of thousands of Syrian families as they await the opportunity to safely return home.

The work will change, over time, from meeting immediate aid needs to reconstruction and helping people rebuild their communities, their livelihoods, and their lives.

Today, PWRDF continues to work through ACT Alliance to meet the most urgent needs in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, including  food, winter clothes and blankets; training on sexual gender based violence, entrepreneurship, and health;  education for refugee children, and water and sanitation.

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