The Story of Ayranjians

Like many Syrians, 74 year old Toros Ayrajyan and his wife, 62 year old Taguhi sold whatever was left in the ruins of their house in Aleppo and came to Armenia in 2013.  Toros Ayrajian is deaf-mute and his wife has always been by his side. Both of them are pensioners living on disability pension, each of them gets 19,000 AMD (~ 39USD) and 17,000 AMD (~ 35USD) respectively per month. 70 % of this amount is spent on medicines as both of them have many health problems.  Last month alone Toros Ayrajyan had three heart attacks and was taken to the emergency.

The couple is living in a dormitory 8m2 room provided by the Armenian General Benevolent Union for unspecified period. Recently, they have been asked when they can leave the room. These old people eat once a day since the lunch is provided but they have to take care of their breakfast and dinners. This means that the couple often goes hungry to bed and wakes up hungry. “The only thing we wish is to spend the rest of our lives in peace and dignity, to have a home on our own and enjoy our grandchildren”- said Taguhi.

The Syrian community in Armenia desperately needs your support.  ACT member The Armenia Round Table Foundation is actively working towards durable housing solutions for these unresolved issues. These refugees, who lost their children, family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours and property in Syria deserve dignified lives. Let us give them opportunities to build their lives and homes in the new country of destination.

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