Act Church of Sweden

Act Church of Sweden started with Church of Sweden Mission, formed in 1874. Today, the international work is fully integrated in the Church of Sweden. (6 million members) Our identity as a church form the basis of our international commitment. The priorities reflect the breadth of the global ecumenical cooperation that we are a part of and which builds on the potential that exists in cooperation with other ACT Alliance members in regional and national ACT forums. The Act Church of Sweden`s work can contribute, in particular, to help create contacts and synergies between churches, faith-based partners and other actors in the development work, for example, specialised thematic resource organisations, the private sector and academic institutions. The aim is to support local churches and civil society organisations to be viable and dynamic actors, which contribute, through a human-rights-based approach, to help create a platform for people to be recognised, make an impact and be heard.

Member News

07 Jul 2020
One of the most highly charged debates in social protection is how best to undertake targeting: while some social protection practitioners are passionate advocates of income testing (or poverty targeting), [...]
16 Mar 2020
Act CoS has recently published a discussion paper on blended finance. The purpose is to contribute to the debate on blended finance through some suggestions about when and where to [...]
11 Mar 2020
Our human responsibility in the current situation:  A common statement from the Catholic and Lutheran church leaders in Scandianvia regarding the refugee situation at the Greek-Turkish border   We are [...]
09 Oct 2019
Photo: Samuel Munck Margareta Koltai, Thematic Advisor for Fair and Sustainable Livelihood, Act Church of Sweden I’m one of the privileged who were tasked to read the Church of Sweden’s revised “Bishops’ [...]
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