Asociación Conferencia de Iglesias Evangélicas de Guatemala (CIEDEG)

NUEVO CIEDEG is composed of a group of people from churches and organised communities that work enthusiastically and with hope, in a team effort with values and principles that reaffirm their mission with the Kingdom of God, focused on service to the community.

We are an alternative evangelical movement with inter-religious interest, proclaiming the values of the Kingdom of God in the wholeness of life and in a space of service, where there is a convergence of local churches, denominations, indigenous and rural communities, women's groups and areas of development, that coordinate their efforts for unity and Christian witness in situations of crisis that present themselves to Guatemalan society, physically, spiritually and materially.

CIEDEG offers technical, solidarity and spiritual accompaniment, from a Biblical-Theological perspective, approaching those with need in their different cosmovisions.

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