Centro Regional Ecuménico de Asesoría y Servicio (CREAS)

The Ecumenical Fund for Aid to Small Projects (Fondo Ecuménico de Apoyo a Pequeños Proyectos -FPP) was started in July 2001 in the aim to "strengthen initiatives of solidarity coming from local churches and community groups". Since its start, it has supported small projects from community based organisations or groups, which enabled them to strengthen the quality of their work to the benefit of the communities. In parallel, the initiative from CREAS allows to promote a better coordination, the exchange of experience and the strengthening of capacities among community based organizations, contributing to the economic life.

The administration, monitoring and evaluation is made jointly with an evaluation committee, which is composed by the FPP team and specialists from various churches and recognized NGOs, who have experience in the social work and administration of funds.

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