Council of Evangelical Churches (Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas Pro-Alianza Denominaciones) (CEPAD)

Consejo de Iglesias Evangélicas Pro-Alianza Denominacional, CEPAD, is a Christian non-profit, non-partisan association of social concern.

It is comprised of denominations, Christian institutions and departmental pastoral committees that confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and desire to live out the gospel through service to others.

This takes place within a spirit of respect and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, race, nationality, political ideology or religion.

CEPAD's Vision
To be one of the best Christian institutions working with poor communities in situations of risk, promoting service, justice, peace and solidarity with equality, for the purpose of improving the quality of life.

CEPAD's Mission
We are a Christian organization, which follows the call of God to accompany and serve the poorest communities through processes of local development.

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