The Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi (EEB)

The Anglican Church of Burundi (EAB) was introduced in Burundi in 1935 through the missions of Buhiga, Matana in 1936 and through the mission of Buye in 1937. It was named Episcopal Church of Burundi (EEB).

The missionaries were mainly expatriates of the Church Mission Society. Education, health, evangelization through the establishment of the churches were the main areas of intervention.
The Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi was born in 1992 following the division of the former Francophone Province of Rwanda-Urundi.

It currently has six dioceses that are all born from an Anglican Diocese of Buye existing since 1965.
The first Christians were converted in 1936 and baptized in 1937. Since then, the Church has continued to evolve. Currently, it covers the entire national area and the number of worshipers is currently estimated at 1 million (1,000,000 followers) in 6 dioceses and 155 parishes.

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