2021 ACT Alliance Electronic General Assembly
October 28 - November 1
Uppsala, Sweden

Practical information

Credit: Paul Jeffrey

Registration is now closed!

Registration for the ACT Assembly is now closed.  Those who have registered may need to apply for a visa in order to attend the Assembly:

Visa package

1. Visa application process ACT (all details, links, contacts and process)

2. Contact Penny Blachut for the Letter of invitation from Church of Sweden, only if needed

3. Church of Sweden Travel Medical Insurance, If Insurance

3.1 If Insurance certificate ACT
     3.1.1 Spanish If Insurance – Certificado de seguro
3.2 IF insurance information for the foreign visitor
3.3 IF scope of insurance compensation

4. Contact Penny Blachut for a Confirmation of Hotel reservation, only if needed

5. Application for Schengen Visa ACT

6. List of Swedish Schengen representations


The programme for the Assembly is close to being finalised, and will include a wide variety of interesting sessions, including governance decision making in plenary, regional break-out sessions, “member conversations”, worship, regionally themed meals and more!  A draft of the programme can be downloaded here and will be updated regularly as the planning evolves.  A final version will be sent to all participants with the other assembly documentation later in the year.


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