2018 ACT Alliance General Assembly
October 28 - November 1
Uppsala, Sweden


Credit: Paul Jeffrey

Registration now open!

Registration for the Assembly opened in February 2018. Members received a letter of invitation (EN, FR, SP) from the Moderator and the General Secretary requesting the names of assembly delegates and other participants by 15 March. Each named participant then receives specific information about how to register. Registration will close on 30th June 2018 and changes to bookings or any cancellations must be communicated at the very latest by Friday 24th August 2018.

All ACT members are welcome to register two delegates – one official delegate and one guest delegate. The official delegate will have the voting rights, and we encourage members to send present ACT governance members or nominated candidates as their official delegate. Members are also encouraged to seek gender and generational balance in their delegation.

In addition, each ACT Forum is invited to register one representative, Advisory Groups can register up to four representatives each and Communities of Practice up to two representatives each. Additional registration categories for those contributing to the assembly (exhibitors, session facilitators, speakers, external guests, etc.) will also be available.

For those who meet the eligibility criteria, a travel subsidy may be requested for official delegates through the registration form to support the costs of participating at the assembly.

More information on all aspects of registration, including the costs, can be found in the invitation letter (EN, FR, SP).

For more information on any aspect of assembly registration, please contact Penny Blachut (link to email plb[at]actalliance.org).

We look forward to seeing you in Uppsala!


The programme for the Assembly is close to being finalised, and will include a wide variety of interesting sessions, including governance decision making in plenary, regional break-out sessions, “member conversations”, worship, regionally themed meals and more!  A draft of the programme can be downloaded here and will be updated regularly as the planning evolves.  A final version will be sent to all participants with the other assembly documentation later in the year.