We believe in Climate Justice!

The Together Campaign is a project of the ACT Alliance gender justice programme.

Challenging patriarchal or other structures of power and creating an enabling environment for gender justice requires interventions at multiple levels: societal, community, household and individual.

Faith actors are present and have influence in each of these realms of power and can, therefore, play a unique and far-reaching transformative role in achieving and sustaining gender justice.

ACT Alliance wants to counter the backlash against women’s rights, including their sexual and reproductive health and rights, by creating a new narrative that positions faith-based actors and communities at the center of a transformative process. We want to be part of the solution.

ACT Alliance is committed to ensure gender equality and identity as common values and inalienable human rights. For this reason ACT Alliance has launched its Gender Justice Programme to challenge patriarchy and other discriminatory structures of power and oppression.

Our work focuses on six thematics: Gender-based Violence, Economic Justice, Migration and Displacement, Family Law, Transformative Masculinities and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. 

As Faith leaders and actors we recognise the key role we can play in communities to change heart and minds. We need to come together to walk the talk and achieve gender justice in our lifetimes.


    Sexual and Gender-based violence


    Economic Justice


    Family law

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