We recognize that climate change is a threat to lives, livelihoods and to all of creation all across the world. We continue to witness the ways that it exacerbates poverty and inequality and undermines the ability of communities, particularly in developing countries, to enjoy a full life with dignity.

It is expected that the impacts of climate change, including the many incidences of floods, droughts, sea-level rise and other extreme weather events will continue to affect communities, hence undermining peace and development while exacerbating humanitarian crises.

ACT Alliance continues to implement a climate justice programme that includes building the capacity of ACT members around the world to engage in climate change issues at all levels. We explore climate justice in the context of the Agenda 2030, Sendai Framework for Action of DRR and the UNFCCC, with a specific focus on the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Our work on climate justice also aims to strengthen the resilience of communities in the wake of extreme weather events and long-term climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives and to address climate-induced economic and non-economic loss and damage.

Through our ACT Now for Climate Justice Campaign, we continue to advocate and mobilise people from around the world who are calling for climate justice. Join us!

To learn more about our climate justice work, please visit our Climate Justice page and connect with us on Twitter.