Climate and environmental justice

24th July 2015

ACT seeks sustainability in our actions so as to protect God´s creation for future generations. ACT sees environmental destruction and climate change as key contributors to poverty. Continuous pressure on our shared resources deprives the poorest and the most vulnerable of sustainable and dignified livelihoods. The current climate crisis and climate injustices clearly show that a sustainable environment, human dignity and improved community resilience of the most vulnerable are closely related and mutually dependent.

We seek to influence policies and decisions within and outside the United Nations to support and improve sustainable environment and climate resilience, in particular of the most vulnerable communities and people. This includes aspects of advocacy, with the voice of those most vulnerable helping to define the future climate and environment agenda, public mobilisation and education, particularly in partnership with others within the ecumenical and faith family.

ACT Alliance undertakes targeted lobby and advocacy work on key topics of sustainable environment, including climate change under the UNFCCC and other international and multilateral processes and platforms. In addition, awareness-raising will be done in order to educate and mobilise members and constituency through campaigns in favour of climate justice. Priority themes are adaptation – including risk management, loss and damage, climate finance and low carbon development, among others.

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