Afghanistan: Earthquake

On October 7th around 11 am a 6.3 magnitude of earthquake hit the western Afghanistan Herat province followed by number of aftershocks felt even after two days of the earthquake.

According to the OCHA flash update # 3 and the assessment conducted by CAID in Herat, Afghanistan To date, it is estimated 12,110 people (1,730 families) have been affected by the earthquake across five districts of Herat Province.

The epicentre of the earthquake – Zindajan district – is the worst-affected area with 1,294 deaths, 1,688 injuries and 100 percent of homes destroyed. A further 485 people (191 men and 294 women) are reported to be missing. Six schools are also reported to have been destroyed in the district, along with three early child development centres, and two community-based education classes serving 60 children; eight schools have also been partially damaged. Additionally, 33 unaccompanied minors, 17 unaccompanied elderly, and 53 female-headed households have been identified.

Figures may raise as OCHA and other I-NGOs are conducting a joint assessment in all the earthquake affected areas of Afghanistan. 

ACT member currently working in Afghanistan and extending support to the earthquake affected population in Herat province. The ACT members mobilizing its preposition items and diverting funds to the earthquake to provide immediate urgent assistance to the affected population. 

ACT Alert Afghanistan EQ