Kenya: Drought.

18th August 2021

The Government of Kenya has issued a drought alert. Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands counties are facing a looming drought disaster as per the food security bulletin of July 2021 (National Drought Management Authority).

It is projected that the drought situation will worsen between July and November 2021, with negative consequences for household food security, crop, and livestock production, and access to water. The drought will also affect the nutritional status of children and will result in an upsurge of negative local coping strategies.

This is an alarming situation at the onset of the dry season, with over 2 million people already experiencing food insecurity

The affected communities especially the men have migrated with their livestock in search of water, and this has increased the potential for conflicts that are already reported. Women, children, the elderly, and the disabled have been left behind in most areas to survive on their own.

ACT Kenya Forum members are working on an appeal to respond to affected regions.


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