Multiple Countries: Global COVID-19 Response Approved Sub-Appeals – ACT201

19th June 2020

ACT Alliance is pleased to announce the launching of six Sub-Appeals under the Global ACT Appeal for the COVID-19 Pandemic (ACT201). The Secretariat and the COVID-19 Steering Committee received a total of nine (9) Sub-Appeal proposals from ACT Forums for this first round of review. Six (6) were approved for immediate publication, while three (3) were recommended for revision and to be launched in July. This is all in addition to 14 previously approved COVID-19 RRF Proposals (Summary of Approved RRF Proposals)

The following Sub-Appeals are now published on the ACT website for reference by ACT members and potential funders/donors:

  1. Bangladesh: COVID-19 Response to Refugees and Host Communities in Bangladesh – Bangladesh – ACT201-BGD Budget Requested: USD 998,638
  1. Caribbean Region: COVID-19 Response in the Caribbean –  Caribbean Region – ACT201-CRB Budget Requested: USD 749,683
  1. Jordan: ACT Response to Refugees and Jordanians impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic – Jordan – ACT201-JOR Budget Requested: USD 844,690
  1. Palestine: ACT Response to Refugees and Vulnerable communities Impacted by COVID-19 in Palestine and Israel –(Palestine – ACT201-PSE) Budget Requested: USD 634,398
  2. Somalia: ACT Multi-Sectoral and Integrated COVID-19 Response in Somalia: (Somalia – ACT201-SOM) Budget Requested: 1,000,000
  3. South Sudan: South Sudan Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – ACT201-SSD (South Sudan – ACT201-SSD) Budget Requested: 989,942

Total Funding Requested: USD 5,217,306

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