ACT Alliance serves as co-chair in the CPDE. This civil society platform allows all sectors and regions to engage in a dialogue on effective development planning. Founded in the Istanbul Principles (September 2010), and the Busan Agreements (December 2011), ACT Alliance has raised our voice with a wide-array of faith groups to commit ourselves to accountable and impactful transformational sustainable development.

Istanbul Civil Society Organization Development Effectiveness Principles:

1)     Respect and promote human rights and social justice

2)     Embody gender equity and equity while promoting women and girls’ rights

3)     Focus on people’s empowerment, democratic ownership and participation

4)     Promote environmental sustainability

5)     Practice transparency and accountability

6)     Pursue equitable partnerships and solidarity

7)     Create and share knowledge and commit to mutual learning

8)     Commit to realising positive sustainable change

Through the CPDE structures, ACT Alliance has been among the first networks to highlight the global reality facing civil society with growing trends to shrink space and restrict the role of ordinary citizens in decision making processes. Repressive regimes, both democratic and authoritarian, are increasingly stifling the vital work carried out by thousands of local development organisations. In more and more countries, community organisations and their employees now work under threat of censorship, intimidation, arbitrary detainment or arrested, or even torture and murder.