ACT Alliance has been engaging in the post-2015 agenda to articulate new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) since the Rio+20 Conference in July 2012 held in Brazil. The MDG mandate will end at the end of 2015, and ACT Alliance has offered a faith-perspective throughout the consultation, working body and negotiations stages of this complex political process.

ACT Alliance’s principle asks of the new SDGs are tied to issues of promoting and building good governance, ensuring peace as a mandate for sustainable development, ending inequalities (between states and between people), and ensuring that all development activities are environmentally sustainable.

Within these areas of thematic interest, ACT Alliance has provided analysis on the following areas of priority:

ACT Alliance is transitioning from the Sustainable Development Goals as an advocacy mandate, into a discussion on the role of faith-based organisations in the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals at the national level.