ACT Alliance supports, coordinates and facilitates long-term sustainable development activities around the world. ACT is at the forefront of the policy debate ensuring that future development activities are truly transformational and sustainable. Its core values for the three dimensions of sustainable development, namely the Social, Economic and Environmental, include development activities that are:

  • inclusive and participatory
  • build community strengthening
  • provide equal access to all, including those in situations of vulnerability;
  • respect cultural and spiritual values and traditions
  • emphasise human rights, and
  • protect the earth and bio-diversity

We seek participatory methods of community-based development programming that inspire innovative ways of addressing needs within communities, and we promote people-centred approaches to development that meet the unique needs of  vulnerable populations.

Our efforts are primarily focused on rural development needs and realities, however the ACT Alliance is growing its urban sustainable development impact foot-print, while staying true to the stay-power of churches and faith-inspired agencies who maintain essential lines of service throughout the countries where programs are on-going.